Write a letter to your most hated body part: POOCH

Write a Letter to your Least Favorite Body Part: POOCH

Dear Pooch, 

How are you today? You know what...no need to even answer that, because I know how you are. You are bloated, and making it a little hard to breathe. You know you can’t eat anything dairy! I mean, sometimes I feel as if you don’t give me the respect I deserve. I took that evil pain in the butt uterus that used to cause you chaos and threw it away!!! And still you just feel as if you can do what you want. 


I used to go to the gym to be strong because you were nowhere in sight, but now you have so much of my focus, WHY? I base a lot of self worth on you! I feel like you should be flatter. Anyone with a

"...pooch tummy has to be lazy right"

"...anyone with a flat tummy is sexy"

I do know that I am loved and worthy so you will not win that battle. Not sure why I feel this way when you look at me in the mirror at ALL!

Pooch, what is going on with the days that you seem like you want to hold onto all the food? Like could we please keep things flowing a letter better? Seriously. You have never treated me right with digesting food and allowing me to stay regular which is why I have become so addicted to coffee.

(Click here to see why coffee makes you poop!!)

You know what Pooch, can we just be friends? I want to love you, I REALLY do! I was told through the grapevine about your enemies!! I thought..

"WOW other enemies than just me...SHOCKER! NOT!!"

I know for sure at LEAST 5!
  • Estrogen
  • Testosterone
  • Cortisol
  • Melatonin
  • Insulin
would love to come back and knock you out! I am giving you this one warning! I am searching for a good price on a train ticket and then I am going to send them on a train ride straight to you!! Once they all get in CAHOOTS and in balance together they're taking you to the 


I don’t love you right now Pooch but I'm hoping one day I can learn to, or that you move away when the 5 most hated hormones come back to town. I give you all the nutrients, even a treat from time to time and you just want to hang out in all your glory. Well I am just writing you to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you...and that you REALLY do get on my nerves. 


Your Support Human Host